Accessing The Shared Area Page

The Shared Area Page is an optional feature initiated by the subscribing Organization.  The Organization grants users permission to post their RefWorks folders or databases to this page.  All RefWorks Users in an Institution will be able to view posted folders or databases, and print, export or create bibliographies.  RefWorks Users at the same institution can also move references from a shared folder or database into their own RefWorks account.

If your Organization chooses to have a Shared Area Page, you can access it from within your RefWorks account by accessing the Organize & Share Folders tab and then clicking on the View Shared Area link or selecting View from the menu, then View Shared Area.

RefWorks Guests (who don’t have a RefWorks account) can view the Shared Area Page by clicking the View Shared Area Page button from the shared folder or database.

Once you've reached the Shared Area Page, you can click on the Add Share link to view the shared folder or database in your RefWorks account (or as a guest user).  Click here to learn more about navigating a shared folder or database.

Note:   Guests can view two or more shared databases or folders within the same guest account.  

When a RefWorks user adds a shared folder or database to their account, it no longer displays on the Shared Area Page.  Check the option to “Show shared folders already in my account” to see the complete list on the Shared Area Page.