Attaching Files To A Reference

You can attach files when entering a new reference or editing an existing reference.  Attachments can be any type of computer file that you want to associate with the bibliographic information you store in your RefWorks database.  

Note:  The attachment feature is available for organization-wide subscriptions only.   If you do not have the ability to add attachments to your records, contact your local RefWorks Administrator for additional information.  This feature is currently not available for users who have purchased an individual license to the service.  

• Adding attachments to a reference is different from the existing links or URLS because the actual file(s) you attach are stored on RefWorks servers.  Attachments can also be shared using one of the RefWorks’ sharing options (RefShare (if allowed by your Administrator), Read-Only Password, Backup/Restore).

• In order to view or play the file attachments, you will need the appropriate software for that object type on the computer you are accessing the file from.  

• There is no limit to the number of files you can attach to your reference, but there are overall storage limits on a per user basis, designated by your Organization.  The maximum size of any individual attachment is 20 MB.  You will receive a message alerting you if you exceed either the file size limit or the limit set for your individual account.

• A paper clip icon  attachment.jpg is displayed indicating a file attachment.

• Attachment file names are searchable from the Search Your Database box or by searching the Attachment field in Advanced Search.

To attach files:

  1. Select References, Add New  (or click the edit icon edit.jpg if the references is already in your database and skip to step #5.).

  2. Complete the appropriate reference information.

  3. Save the reference by clicking on the Save Reference button.  If you do not save your reference first, any data will be lost when you attach your file(s).

  4. Scroll back to top to the Attachments area.

  5. Click the Browse button to locate the file you wish to add (only 1 file can be attached at a time).

  6. Click Add Attachment to upload your file.

Note:  There is a 20 MB per file attachment limit.  There are also overall account attachment limits determined by your Organization's RefWorks Administrator.

  1. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for EACH file you wish to attach.

  2. You do not need to Save Reference again, unless you have made changes to any of the reference information.

To remove a file attachment from a reference:

  1. Locate the reference and click the Edit icon edit.jpg.

  2. Click the Delete link directly above the file attachment you wish to remove.  You do not need to save the reference unless you make other changes to the reference.