Identifying Import Errors

RefWorks imports references based on Import Filters that have been created using data samples from various service providers and databases. Occasionally, there is data that is not imported or data that is imported into an incorrect reference type or field. Any data that is not recognized is reported in the Import Log.

To view the log immediately after importing references:

You may see any of the following messages:

Reference type identifier not found; Use default reference type

The Reference Type (i.e., Journal Article, Report, Map etc.) was not defined for the database. RefWorks imports the data using the default Reference Type. The default is the Reference Type most common for that particular database.

Tag not defined; Not imported

The data in the field was not imported because the filter did not recognize the tag.

Source format not found; Import into Notes

The Source field generally contains several pieces of information such as Volume, Issue, Page Number(s), Year of Publication, Periodical name, etc. The format of this field varies a great deal, and each format must be specifically defined to ensure RefWorks puts information into the correct fields. If RefWorks does not recognize a particular source line format, it takes all of the information as it is in the database and imports it into the Notes field. For this information to be used correctly for bibliography generation, you need to manually insert in the appropriate fields.

Author pattern not found; Import as is

RefWorks attempts to import author names in a specified format so that the names are used correctly in bibliography generation. Common formats such as John Smith or Smith, John are imported into RefWorks correctly. If an author format is not recognized, it is still imported into the Author field but may not be in a correct format when you generate a bibliography. If possible, check the author field for the reference and put it in the format required. (See Adding References Manually for Author name entry requirements.)

Database identifier in header not found; Use database identifier in reference

Import Filters are based on the service and the database. When importing, RefWorks looks for a database identifier to direct it to the appropriate filter. Some databases put the database name in a header file, and others put it in the reference itself. The message indicates that the identifier for this reference was found in the reference itself not the header file.

Database identifier in reference not found; Use default database

If RefWorks cannot find a database identifier in the reference it is attempting to import, it uses the Database you selected from the Import window.