RefWorks 2.0 At A Glance

RefWorks 2.0 is now available.

Click here to watch a video preview of RefWorks 2.0

The new look and feel of RefWorks 2.0 is clean and more intuitive which will enhance your overall experience using RefWorks.  Pages load faster and RefWorks now uses "lightbox" technology to replace traditional pop-up windows.

Most of RefWorks functionality is up and running with the new look and feel, however a few features are not yet available (you can continue to use the classic interface for these features).  

The features currently not updated are:

What's New in RefWorks 2.0?

All the functionality you love about RefWorks is still available in the new interface -- what has improved is how you access these features and functions.

2 Main (Tabbed) Sections

When you first log in to RefWorks-2.0, you will see your references (as in the classic interface), however, there are now two tabbed functional areas related to references:

1.  References Area - this is still where you view and manage individual references which we have improved:

Individual Reference Action Bar

When you are viewing your references (all references, a folder of references or search results) you will notice that every reference has its own Action Bar.  The icons in the Action Bar identify certain functions:

magglass.jpgView - clicking on View displays the full reference (only the fields with information will display)

cite.jpgCite - displays the Citation Viewer used by One Line/Cite View to insert temporary citation placeholders into a document.

edit.jpgEdit - allows you to edit the existing reference information.

addmylist.jpg Add to My List - allows you to place the selected reference in the My List temporary folder.

attachment.jpgAttachments - indicates files are attached to the reference.  When you mouseover the attachment icon, the file name(s) appear.  Clicking on a specific file name will launch the file (provided you have the appropriate software to view the file on your computer).

comment.jpgComments - displays any comments made by others who access your shared references.

In addition to the individual reference action bar, below the standard information (Title, Author, Source) you will now see two new items:

Folders - if the reference is stored in a folder (or folders) you will see the folder name(s) listed.  You can click on a specific folder name to access all the references in that folder.  This is an option that you select from the Customize area.

Link Resolver - if your organization uses a link resolver, you will see either the name or a logo for the link resolver.  Clicking on that link or icon  may provide you with access to the full text of an article or identify if that reference is available locally at your organization.  This option must be established by your local RefWorks Administrator in the RefWorks Administrator Tool.

Reference Field Grouping

When adding a new reference or editing an existing one, AccuCite users will now see the fields recommended by their potential output style grouped together (instead of being dispersed through the 66 available fields of information per reference).  These recommended fields appear above the other available fields. If you mouse-over the field name, the field-specific comments for your style will display. Knowing which fields of information you should have for your bibliography has gotten even easier!

2. Organize & Share Folders Area (or Organize Folders if RefShare is not enabled for your account)

The Organize & Share Folders area lets you create, manage and share folders all from the same screen.  

You can also perform a duplicate check on a specific folder and create sub-folders in this area.

Improved Menu Navigation

We have streamlined our main menu navigation with more intuitive feature groupings.

The main menu area and sections are:

References - Includes Add New (for adding a new reference manually), Import and Export

View - View Folder, Saved Search Results, View Shared Area (if implemented for your organization), All References, My List, Duplicates (Exact and Close) and Deleted

Search - Advanced, By Author, By Descriptor, By Periodical, Online Catalog or Database, RSS Feeds

Bibliography - Create, Output Style Manager, Output Style Editor, Preview Output Style

Tools - Write-N-Cite, RefGrab-It, Backup/Restore

Help - Tutorials, Launch Help File, Quick Start Guide, Request (Import Filter, Output Style, Z39.50 Connection)

In addition to the menu bar commands, the Quick Search box (with the option to search attachments) is readily available.

Two areas are now available as links in the upper right-hand corner of your screen:

Update Profile  - Access to your individual account information (password, email address, etc.).

Customize - Set preferences for viewing, folders, user definable fields and more.

Other Enhancements in RefWorks 2.0:

Quick Access Bar

A Quick Access bar is displayed on the right side of the screen providing one-click access to folders and subfolders, certain features and helpful resources as well as displaying statistics about your RefWorks account and important notifications and messages from RefWorks and your Organization.

Want more viewing room on the screen?  You can hide the Quick Access bar at any time by clicking on the Close tab.