Installing Write-N-Cite for Windows (version III) for Multiple Users

Note:  This page applies to an earlier version of Write-N-Cite for Windows.  The current version always installs for all Windows users and does not recognize any of the switches listed below.

Write-N-Cite for Windows (version III) allows for single or multiple user installation (previous versions of Write-N-Cite only allowed for single user install). Also, during the installation process, users also have the option to not install the Word plug-in/Macro and to include working offline.  

Network administrators now have the ability to run WNC III from a network drive and/or install WNC III remotely onto machines as well as easily distribute the proxy settings for off-campus proxy use.

Network installation

In a network environment, Write-N-Cite for Windows III (WNC) can be loaded on each machine on the network or it can be installed in a commonly available location on a central server.

Because all configuration decisions for the install can be made via command line switches, it is possible to use the install in conjunction with utilities like PSExec to install WNC III remotely.

To configure installation in a common area with access from client machines, the network administrator must first install WNC III on one machine and when prompted for the install location enter the common server location.  

When installation is complete, the network administrator must copy the wncinstall.exe file to the same common server location where WNC III was just installed.  Each machine that needs a client install must run the WNCinstall from that location with the /client switch.  This will place the icon in the program menu and on the desktop.

The WNCInstall.exe must be run in client mode (wncinstall.exe /CLIENT) for each client that needs access and can be done with a remote tool like PSExec.

Below are several command line switches that can be used:

WNC III install command line switches




Runs the install in Silent mode.  No prompts will be given to the user.  The only indication that it is running is a small icon in the task bar

(space)/ ALLUSERS

If not in Silent mode: Installs the program so that it will run for any user of the computer.  Its Icon will appear on the desktop for all users.  And will also appear in the program Menu for all users.  If the Word plug-in is installed, Each user will  have to run the install utility located on the start menu.  Not passing this switch will install for the current user only.

(space)/ NOWORD

If in Silent mode: tells the installer to not install the Word plugin/Macro.


Configures WNC to allow working offline.


Tells the install to just create the desktop, program menu icons and to install the Word plugin/Macro if desired.  This allows network administrators to install WNC in a single network location and all Clients can access that single copy.  

Configuring Write-N-Cite for Windows version III with Proxy information

Write-N-Cite III stores proxy information in the WNCConnect.ini file which is located in the same directory as the WriteNCite.exe file.  A network administrator can run the proxy utility to configure WNC III for a specific proxy server and the WNCConnect.ini file can then be sent or posted for users to access, with instructions on where to load it.