Linking References Back To PubMed

The PubMed Links icon PubMedlinks.jpg identifies a reference as being imported from PubMed and having links back to PubMed for additional information.  Additionally, any references with a PubMed ID (PMID) that were imported into your account using an Open URL resolver will also link back to PubMed.

The PubMed Links icon PubMedlinks.jpg is displayed from most Views (All References, a Folder, Search Results, Full View, Standard View, or any designated output style) as well as in the Edit edit.jpgor View magglass.jpg modes of a reference.  The PubMed Links icon PubMedlinks.jpg is not visible when One Line/Cite View is selected.

To Enable PubMed Links:

1. Select Customize.

2. In the RefWorks Links section, select Yes for PubMed Links.

3. Click the Save Customized Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the PubMed Links icon PubMedlinks.jpg displays the following options:

View in PubMed

The View in PubMed link takes you to the actual PubMed record for that particular reference and also has links to the related articles and links that PubMed provides.

Related Documents

The Related Documents link will retrieve a pre-calculated set of PubMed citations that are closely related to the selected article. The related documents will be displayed in ranked order from most to least relevant, with the “linked from” citation displayed first.  Click here for PubMed Help on Related Documents.

You can easily export any additional references from PubMed.  Click here for import instructions.

More By Author Name Drop-down

The More By Author Name drop-down allows you to locate additional articles in PubMed that were written by that same author.  Simply select an author’s name in the drop-down and click the “go” button.  PubMed will do a search on that name and return the results to you  in another window.

Records can easily be exported into RefWorks by following the import instructions.  Click here for import instructions.