Using Descriptors To Organize Your References

When you import references, the Descriptor (keyword) field may contain author-supplied information. This information is automatically indexed in RefWorks (Lookup By Descriptor) and is an automated way of organizing your data.  You might also want to add your own descriptors common to these references before organizing your references into folders.

References are always imported into the Last Imported folder. Because references from the previous import are removed from the folder automatically, it is a good idea to add descriptors before importing additional references. However, you can add a descriptor to references that are in other folders or unfiled.  You do this using the Global Edit feature.  

To add descriptors:

1.  Locate the group of references to add the descriptor to (either a folder view, search results or a marked list on a page).  

2.  From the References to Use: area (above Put in Folder drop-down) select one of the following options:

2.  Click the Global Edit icon global_edit.jpg.

3.  In the default Add area, select Descriptor from the Field to Edit drop-down.

4.  In the Change Field to area, type in the descriptor(s) you want to add.  If adding multiple descriptors, separate descriptors with a semi-colon.

5.  Select the appropriate option for handling the field if it already contains data.

6.  Click the Add Data button.