Preview the new Write-N-Cite: Available now for download

The newest version of Write-N-Cite for Windows is now ready for preview by our administrators. You can download the 32bit version or the 64bit version, depending on your system (If in doubt, learn how to check your Office version). This is your chance to see the Windows version of Write-N-Cite before it becomes available to all RefWorks users. You can also view our YouTube video that shows off the new tool.

The new Write-N-Cite for Windows supports Windows 7, Vista and XP. We recommend using the plug-in on Office 2010 during this preview due to a known issue in Office 2007. We will fully support Office 2007 with the upcoming release to all customers.

This newly designed tool fully integrates with the MS Word platform while still leveraging the strengths of being a web-based Cloud service. You'll get the same features whether you use Mac or Windows, and sharing documents between computers is as easy as opening a file.

Key improvements to enjoy after download:

  • Auto formatting while you write
  • Seamless online/offline access to your references
  • Mac & Windows compatibility; documents work naturally across both platforms
  • Professional citation and bibliography customization tools
  • Auto managed footnote styles
  • The same great RefWorks technical support and customer service

This new and improved version of Write-N-Cite is easy and intuitive for students - the design has been optimized for the most common uses like adding recent citations and remembering options. However, it is just as powerful for professional researchers - with a wide array of options to customize the citation style.

Please use this release as an opportunity to learn about the new features of Write-N-Cite before it become available to all RefWorks users. Any feedback is welcome at

Important release notes

Released on Thursday, March 15, 2012

Please note these Known Issues:

  • When using Office 2007, the installer only works for the installing user in multi-user systems (i.e. If you install as Admin, you must run Word as Admin to see the RefWorks tab). This does not affect Office 2010 or single user systems.
  • No support for foreign language labels in Word
  • Incomplete bi-directional text support
  • No progress updater shows when converting large documents to the new file format. This can be slow, but the plugin will notify you when the process is complete.
  • To uninstall Write-N-Cite, you must run the installer file again and chose the "Remove" option. Do not use the item under Control Panel -> Programs and Features.