Using Special Characters

RefWorks handles Unicode fonts, which means you can use foreign characters, mathematical symbols, and other types of characters when entering and viewing references.

Characters with diacritic marks are available in standard Windows fonts, and other characters can be entered using the Windows Symbol font.  We suggest setting your browser to display using a “unicode” font such as Arial Unicode MS.  RefWorks defaults to the language setting of your operating system.  You may need to install a language pack, should you need different characters at a given time.  

You can enter special characters when adding a new reference or editing an existing reference by:

• Typing the character on the keyboard (if that character is part of the language supported by your keyboard).

• Copy the character from another Windows program, and paste it into your reference.

• Use the Character Map program supplied with Windows for this purpose.

• Mac Users can simply use keyboard commands to insert foreign characters.  Information is available from:  http:// charpalosx.html

(Note:  RefWorks is not responsible for the accuracy of this website).

Note: When you are copying text from the Web, make sure your browser encoding is set to Unicode (UTF-8). To do this in Internet Explorer, go to the View menu and choose Encoding.  Netscape users select View, Character Encoding.

Changing Language Settings (Windows Users)

RefWorks uses the default language and locale settings from your operating system. You do not need to install a language pack to view special characters as long as you have a font installed that can display the characters you need (e.g., a Unicode Font).

Should you want to change your Windows Language Settings, you must:

1. Click on Start.

2. Depending on which operating system you have:

• Settings, Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Languages tab, Details button.  Click Add to add new languages.

• Control Panel, Regional Options, General Tab.

You may be asked for a CD that contains the language pack you requested. This is a Windows operating system CD.