Linking to Shared References

Whether you are sharing your references with others or accessing shared a shared folder or database, you may wish to be able to link to a single reference or to a group of references.  RefWorks offers two capabilities for doing just this.

Linking to a Specific Reference in a Shared Folder or Database

You can link back to a specific reference in a shared folder or database (providing the folder or database is still shared by the database owner).

To link to a specific reference:

1. Click on the View icon magglass.jpg located to the far right of the reference

2. Click on the Link to this Reference link.  A new window will open with the reference in it.

3. Right mouse click on the Link to this Reference link and copy shortcut (IE users), copy link location (Firefox users), copy link address (Chrome) or whatever copy option your browser has, to get the specific URL.

4. Add the URL to a document or to your browser's favorites list.

Creating a Custom URL to a Group of Shared References (by Author Name, Descriptor, or Any Word)

RefWorks allows you to append a URL of a shared folder or database with three specific search query options:

This ability to append a URL gives you easy access to a group of references, displaying new or updated references just by selecting that URL.

To create these URLs, simply take the URL for the shared folder or database and at the end add:

For author and descriptor searches, the custom URL works exactly as if you were doing an advanced search on that shared folder or database.  An author search looks at all fields of that type (authors, editor, translator, etc.)  To connect multiple words (when linking to a descriptor or quick search term) you must substitute %20 for any blank spaces between words.   Also, you cannot connect multiple descriptors or quick search terms.

The any word search works as if you were entering that term in the Search RefWorks (quick search) box in the folder or database.