Installing Write-N-Cite for Mac

Write-N-Cite is available for Mac and Windows users (click here for compatibility).

Installing Write-N-Cite for Mac

Note:  Do not install Write-N-Cite with Microsoft Word running.

Before downloading Write-N-Cite for Mac, determine which version you need.  There are two versions available -- version 2 works with older operating systems (10.2 and lower) and version 2.5 works with the newer operating systems (10.3 and higher).

1. After downloading Write-N-Cite from RefWorks (click here to download Write-N-Cite), open the file called macwncinstall.dmg and drag the file called Write-N-Cite X.x (X.x is the version number) to the desired location, typically your Applications folder. (The same file can be dragged to the Program Dock for easy access as well)

2. Double-click to open the file called Write-N-Cite X.X .

Note: If you are un-installing or reinstalling a newer version of Write-N-Cite for Mac, we recommend you delete the RefWorks plist file after completing the uninstall or prior to the reinstall.