Searching And Importing From Catalogs And Databases In RefWorks

RefWorks adds publicly available or free catalogs and databases that have a Z39.50 capability (Z39.50 is a way to search and retrieve information from remote computer databases).  Organizational subscribers can add subscription databases for search in this area as well.

The Search Online Catalog or Database area is where you can perform a quick search or an Advanced Search of the resources available.  

To search PubMed and various Z39.50 compatible databases:

  1. From the Search menu select Online Catalog or Database.

  2. Under Online Database to Search, select the database. In some cases you will need to select both the data provider and the database.

  3. Select the maximum number of references you want to download.  Note:  Some data vendors and online catalogs limit the number of records that can be imported at one time.  If you are unable to retrieve and import your full list of results, we recommend searching the data vendor or online catalog directly.

  4. Type your search strategy in the Quick Search box or expand the Advanced Search option and select specific fields available to search.  

  5. Click the Search button.

    You see the progress of the search and download in a separate window. In a Z39.50 site search, you sees the progress of the search with each reference represented by a # mark and then see the progress of the import to a RefWorks temporary window – each reference represented by an asterisk *. In a PubMed search, the two steps are combined and each reference is represented by an asterisk.

    The results of your search are shown in a RefWorks search results window. This window functions much like the reference view window in RefWorks, however these records are not in your database until you choose to import them.

Note:  The Quick Search box supports advanced searching using Tags for PubMed (only).  A detailed list of tags from the PubMed Help can be found at:  http:// bv.fcgi? rid=helppubmed.chapter.pubmedhelp

  1. To view the details of a reference, click the View icon magglass.jpg next to the reference.

    Keep in mind that the search results window is a temporary window, and the references appearing here are lost when you close the RefWorks program or you perform another online search.

Importing References

To permanently import references into your database:

  1. Select the references you want to import.

  2. If you want the references to import to a specific folder, select the folder name from the Import to Folder drop-down. References are always placed in the Last Imported folder as they are when you import from the main program.

  3. Click the Import button. If you have designated your default source type as electronic in the Tools, Customize area, the Electronic Source Related Fields will appear for you to update.

How Searching Works

Searching varies depending upon the Z39.50 site itself. For example, some sites do not support a Pub Year search. In such a case, you can search only the fields allowed by that particular site. For details, contact the librarian or customer service department.