About RefGrab-It

RefGrab-It is an optional feature for capturing bibliographic information from web pages. It is available as a bookmarklet that works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

RefGrab-It looks for information on web pages and if an ISBN number, PubMed ID or (digital object identifier) or COinS (ContextObjects in Spans -- special coding embedded in the web page that RefWorks will read) are on the web page, RefGrab-It will automatically take that information search various web resources (behind the scenes) to get supplemental information that may be of interest to you that you can also import. RefWorks may even locate RSS feeds related to that web page that you can invoke and import information from.

Note: RefGrab-It cannot be used on .pdf files from web sites.

When you use RefGrab-It on a web page, it automatically opens a "temporary results page" in a new window. You can view the information and additional resources first, then decide if you want to import the data.

Installing RefGrab-It

Click on the " Install Information " link of one of the version to the right for more information on installing a specific version of RefGrab-It.

Using RefGrab-It

Information on using RefGrab-It can be found in the online help
RefGrab-It Bookmarklet

  • Installs as a bookmark in your browser.
  • Compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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