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"I have used reference database software for many years. RefWorks is the most intuitive and least problematic of any software that I have used. It permits me to capture the reference information for the online resources more effectively than other tools. I am also impressed by the responsiveness of the RefWorks development team. Personally, I have found RefWorks invaluable!"

- Jeff Olsen
Associate Vice President of Online Learning & Services
Director of Library and Information Sciences
St John's University


"Having taught students and faculty members how to use ProCite, Reference Manager and EndNote for many years, teaching RefWorks is a piece of cake in comparison. We get far fewer requests for one-on-one hand-holding with RefWorks than we do with the other programs."

- Linda Slater, BEd, BA(Hon), MLIS
John W. Scott Health Sciences Library
University of Alberta


"Our faculty strongly agreed that a Web-based bibliographic management service would be a welcome tool both for themselves and one they would highly recommend to students. RefWorks has so many usability features--intuitive interface, Web access and unlimited concurrent users, as well as integration with our library resources. What began as a funding partnership has led to a truly collaborative project where librarians and IT educational training professionals are planning marketing strategies, tutorials and workshops as a team."

- Carole Pilkinton
Electronic Resources Librarian
Notre Dame University


"RefWorks is the most comprehensive and versatile reference program I have ever used! I used RefWorks at Northern Arizona University while conducting research for my Master's Thesis. I think RefWorks is an invaluable tool that could be of great help to undergraduate students of all disciplines who are learning reference methods, as well as a great help to graduates doing research. Thanks for a great product!"

- Patti Jo King
Doctoral Student
University of Oklahoma


"If you juggle citations and references for any reason – writing, research – RefWorks is so much more than just 'web based bibliographic management software.' It can be your lifeline. Maybe it’s the right balance of functionality and ease of use, maybe it's a simple interface I could learn myself, maybe it's tossing all those printouts in the recycling bags...but I am digging RefWorks.

If your institution offers RefWorks, give them a big ol' sloppy kiss on my behalf (or even your behalf?)."

- Karen Schneider
Librarian and Editor
Free Range Librarian, June 2005


As a faculty member at Baylor University, I use RefWorks. I teach business communication classes to undergraduates (primarily sophomores and juniors), and each semester I discuss with students the importance of documenting sources in their business reports. I encourage my students to use RefWorks because it has the potential to increase students' understanding about documentation and it may enable them to be more proficient in the workplace, long after graduation!

- Denny Karmer, Ph.D.
Baylor University, USA


Refworks is an excellent utility and it has really helped me with my research, especially since it is remotely accessed. I started using the program while on placement at the UK Parliament on their machines, then on various campus machines, my old Toshiba and now my new Apple, all without worrying about losing data etc. I've told all my undergraduate students to start using it as soon as possible - by the time they are final year it will be an invaluable research resource.

- Adam Taylor, Ph.D.
University of Warwick, UK


Just out of a teaching session and I wanted to share this feedback comment from one of the participants: "That was great! It's the most life-enhancing present I've been given in a long while - better than Christmas" - on RefWorks!!

- Wendy
Information Consultant
University of Aberdeen, Medicine & Medical Sciences
Aberdeen, UK


"Recently, I had our meeting with engineering faculty members to discuss planning for our freshman engineering library sessions during the winter term. Discussion on RefWorks was extremely well received. In fact, they all loved it. One faculty member suggested that we point out during the class that last year some students received poor grades because they did not co-ordinate well with their team members. Collaborating using Refworks in building a 'Group Bibliography' with each member of the team contributing, will be one way to improve co-ordination and co-operation among others. This suggestion was applauded by all faculty members present including us."

- Jay Bhatt
Information Services Librarian (Engineering)
Drexel University, USA


We have used RefWorks in our library for 2 years now and absolutely love it. It is easy to use and our students become very proficient, very quickly. The people at RefWorks are great to work with. If something doesn't work correctly, they respond immediately. Great company, great product!

- Barbara Tuck
University Librarian
University of North Florida


Today's students are highly mobile and RefWorks supports this mobility. Once our users get hooked on RefWorks they keep coming back!

- Marshall (Peter) Clinton
Director of Information Technology Services
University of Toronto Libraries


RefWorks is an incredible tool for creating a comprehensive bibliography for research, teaching, learning and outreach. We have researchers sharing their reference database with other researchers in a read only format and/or via RefShare, the collaborative web-posting tool. Instead of each researcher around the country creating their own list of the same references, we have researchers creating one central list of references!

- Rebecca Gould
Director and Professor, Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC)
University of Kansas


"I mean we are talking about about a way cool program - say good bye to the stress of bibliographies and work cited pages. This program cites journal articles, books, and videos in almost ANY reference style you want (including MLA and APA formats. To top it of this program has a write-n-cite tool that will cite things while you are writing a paper to save you from worrying about in-text citations too. How sweet. The agony has ended - use RefWorks."

- Melissa, Student
posted on 1/28/05 library web blog
College of St. Benedict/St.John's


"I LOVE this program! No student should be without it! Thanks!"

- Leanne Polio
Criminal Justice Graduate Student
Kent State University


"We consider RefWorks to be an integral part of our efforts to increase student and faculty productivity--we teach it as part of the research process."

- Laura Walters
Head of Collection and Reference
Tisch Library, Tufts University