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January 2009 Release

General Enhancements

Ability to Save Search Strategies in Advanced Search
Users now have the option to save search strategies created in the RefWorks Advanced Search area. Search strategies can be named and saved for easy and continual retrieval. Simply enter a name when creating an advanced search query and after saving, the search strategy is available in the View menu, under Search Strategy Results.
Improved Sorting of Japanese Characters
RefWorks' Windows users using Japanese characters in their references will now see improved sorting when using Katakana and Hiragana characters. Users who currently have Japanese selected as the Language/Locale in the Startup Options section of the Tools, Customize area will need to temporarily change the sort to another language, save it, and then re-select and save Japanese in order to implement the new sorting.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Output Style Editor Tutorial
Now users can learn how to create their own custom output style by viewing the Output Style Editor tutorial available in the Help, Tutorials area. This tutorial is also helpful to anyone who wants to modify an existing output style.
Other Miscellaneous Items
  • Corrected an issue with multi-word last names (ex. Van de Walle) alphabetizing correctly in bibliographies
  • Double-spaced bibliographies no longer have 12 pt spacing appended to the printed reference which created an extra line space.
  • Corrected an issue with the ability to change Bibliography sort order in output styles with author-date sorting selected.
  • An issue with Internet Explorer users and using an OpenURL link for references with Non-Roman characters has been corrected.

RefShare Enhancements

New Option Regarding OpenURL Linking from a Shared Folder or Database
RefShare users now have the option to include OCLC’s WorldCat® OpenURL Gateway in a shared folder or database. The WorldCat® Gateway is an OpenURL resolving Web service that allows your RefShare users direct access to full-text articles and other online resources available from their library if their Organization participates in the WorldCat® Registry.

This feature is available for anyone sharing a folder or database, regardless of whether their Organization uses another OpenURL resolver within RefWorks. RefShare users will see a new drop-down on the Shared Folder Options page allowing them to determine whether to include an OpenURL provider, to include the WorldCat® OpenURL option, or their Organization (Site) OpenURL, if applicable.

Administrator Enhancements

Administrators using the Custom E-mail option with diacritic marks are now able to properly reset their custom e-mail without loss of diacritics.


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