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Capturing Web Page Information With RefGrab-It

RefGrab-It, a feature within RefWorks, allows users to capture data from web sites through a simple single click! Say good-bye to the cumbersome task of cutting and pasting! Let RefGrab-It do the work for you. RefGrab-It does more than simply capture the bibliographic data on a web site, it also searches the web for additional information relating to the web page ( ISBN numbers, DOIs, PubMed IDs and COins (ContextObjects in Spans)), working behind the scenes to get the most complete bibliographic information for the user. Of course, any information captured through RefGrab-It can be seamlessly imported into a RefWorks account.

RefGrab-It is available as a bookmarklet as well as a plug-in to your browser. Complete information for installing and using RefGrab-It is available in the online help section of RefWorks.