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January 2008 Release

We are pleased to announce our latest RefWorks release. Program enhancements and changes are outlined below. Contact if you have any questions or comments.

General Enhancements

Write-N-Cite III for Windows with Offline Capabilities (Beta)
Windows users can now write and format a paper completely offline with this new version of Write-N-Cite. Simply download your RefWorks database from within Write-N-Cite while online, then feel free to disconnect from the internet. Full Write-N-Cite functionality is available – inserting temporary citation placeholders, viewing reference information, using the citation editor – even formatting your paper in the output style you choose. All without accessing the internet. Click here for all the details from the online help section Working Offline.
Improved APA Bibliography Formatting
RefWorks is the first to automatically detect whether a reference has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or other electronic information and print the appropriate information in your bibliography when an APA output style is selected – meeting the new APA guidelines.

To do this, RefWorks made changes to the Output Style Editor. Now when you create or modify an output style in RefWorks, there’s a new option in the Bibliography Settings area that allows you to Apply APA Rules for Electronic Source field inclusion. This option can be used in any output style. Here's how it works: When this option is selected, RefWorks will look for Digital Object Identifier (DOI) information for the reference and print that first. If there is no DOI in the reference, then the RefWorks will print the information in the Links field. If there is no DOI or Links information, RefWorks will print the Retrieved Date and Database information for a particular reference. Note: This setting only applies to references where the Source Type field is set to Electronic.
Automated Marking of Duplicate References for Deletion
When using the Exact Match or Close Match duplicate detection features, RefWorks now pre-selects (marks) for deletion the newest duplicate reference. Only one reference per matched references is selected (so if you have three versions of the same reference only the most recently added is pre-selected). This can help make the deletion of duplicate records even easier!
Improved RefGrab-It Results For PubMed and Amazon
RefGrab-It will now retrieve all the related articles for a record when looking at the detailed record view in PubMed. When used with Amazon, related books will also be included. This provides users with even more supplemental information to import directly into their RefWorks database.
Deleted References Folder
References deleted from your account are now automatically stored for 30 days in the Deleted References folder. This folder is accessible by selecting Folders, View, Deleted References from the toolbar. References can be restored to their original location in your database from within this folder. File attachments, RefShare comments and folder designation all remain until the reference is permanently deleted.


Miscellaneous Enhancements

Reference Type Name Change
The current reference type Journal has been changed to Journal Article to better reflect the type of information being cited.
Reorganized Help File
The online help file has been reorganized to make it easier to find and locate information. Topics have been consolidated into fewer, more logical groupings.


Administrator Enhancements

Blackboard Building Block for v. 7.X
A new Blackboard building block for the RefWorks integration has been developed specifically to work with all Blackboard versions 7.0 and higher. This building block is available in Administrator Central (Customizing Your RefWorks Site section). Blackboard 6.X organizations can still use the older building block which is also available in Admin Central.
Shibboleth Integration
RefWorks can now be integrated with Shibboleth for single login authentication. Please contact if you are interested in this feature.
Advanced Features Training Leader Guides
In the Admin Central area of the Administrator Tool, you'll now find a new set of training leader guides for conducting your own RefWorks Advanced Features training session. These guides follow the Advanced Features Training Outline and also the topics covered in our tutorial and webinars. You can customize each module or the entire session to suit your needs.
Advanced Features User Workbook
Also in Admin Central, we've added a new self-directed user study guide which provides exercises on topics covered in the Advanced Feature training session. This can be used as a standalone guide or as a pre or post-training handout. Feel free to customize with your own examples. A generic version is available in our online help along with the Fundamentals version of the workbook.