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March 2007 Release

We are pleased to announce our latest RefWorks release. Program enhancements and changes are outlined below. Contact if you have any questions or comments.

General Enhancements

Ability to Rename User Defined Fields
A new customization feature has been added giving users the ability to rename the 5 User Defined fields that appear in every reference. The field name customizations appear when viewing and editing references, as well as in the Advanced Search drop-downs and the Output Style Editor. To rename the fields, go to Tools, Customize.
Attachment Feature Rollout
RefWorks’ attachment feature is in the initial phase of release to organizational-wide licenses only. The attachment feature allows users the ability to store files in RefWorks along with their reference data. Users with access to the attachment feature can upload files when adding a reference manually or editing references. The Administrator has the ability to enable or disable this feature for their users within the RefWorks Administrator Tool.
Advanced Features Tutorial
Now available in the Help, Tutorials area – an Advanced Features tutorial covering a wide variety of topics including:
  • Viewing, Printing and Sorting of References
  • Editing Multiple References
  • Advanced Searching and Lookups
  • RefGrab-It
  • Working Offline
Local Date/Time Stamping
RefWorks will automatically use the time settings from your computer for the date created and last updated fields.
Format Word 2007 Documents in RefWorks
Users can now upload Word 2007 files with a .docx extension directly into the Bibliography area for formatting. Write-N-Cite users must still save the document as a Word 2003 (.doc) file. A new version of Write-N-Cite will be released later this year.


RefShare Enhancements

RefShare Users whose organization chooses to implement the new attachment feature may be given the ability to share file attachments when sharing a folder or database. The option is available from the Shared Folder Options page.


Miscellaneous Enhancements

Inclusion of Date Retrieved when using RefGrab-It
When using RefGrab-It to gather data from a web page, the date retrieved will automatically be included with the data for importing.
Carriage Returns from Word Documents
If you copy and paste text into RefWorks from Word documents that include carriage returns, the carriage returns will now be honored in RefWorks.
Modifying an Output Style
Instructions for modifying output styles are now available from a link in the Bibliography area of RefWorks. This .pdf gives you the basic information needed to use an existing output style and create your own, custom copy.
Updated RefShare Tutorial
The RefShare tutorials have been updated to include RSS feeds, adding comments and sharing file attachments.


Administrator Tool Enhancements

Attachment Settings Section
Administrators can manage the attachment feature from the Attachments Settings section. This section allows the Administrator to give users access to this feature, as well as establish per user storage limits. The RefWorks attachment feature is in the initial release to organizational-wide licenses. If your organization is interested in further information on the attachment feature, please send an email to Detailed information about the amount of complimentary storage your organization would receive and the cost to purchase additional space will be provided.
RefShare Settings Option for Attachments
A new option in the RefShare Settings area of the Administrator Tool is available. This setting gives Organizations using the attachment feature and RefShare the option to allow users to share attachments via RefShare.