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October 2006 Release

We are pleased to announce our latest RefWorks release. Program enhancements and changes are outlined below. Contact if you have any questions or comments.

General Program Enhancements

Easily Capture Web Page Data with RefGrab-It
Now you can easily capture web page data with a single click! RefWorks new feature, RefGrab-It, works with your browser to capture bibliographic information from web pages.

And, if that werenít enough Ė RefGrab-It also searches the web for additional information related to your web page (based on ISBN numbers, PubMed IDs and DOIs) working behind the scenes to get you the most complete bibliographic information. Of course, you have the option to seamlessly import any of the data RefGrab-It locates into your RefWorks account.


RefShare Enhancements

Create an RSS Feed for Your Shared Folder or Database
A new option is available in the Share Folders, Options page for users who use RefShare to share a folder or database. This feature creates an RSS Feed complete with an RSS icon for your RefShare Recipients to add to their favorite RSS Feed Reader. The RefShare owner determines the quantity (10, 20 or 50) and the type ("recently added" or "recently added or modified") of references that are included in your feed.

Easier Linking to a Single Reference in a Shared Folder or Database
Every reference in a shared folder or database now has a Link to this Page option that automatically creates a reference specific URL for you to bookmark or copy and paste. You can find this feature by clicking on the View link for each reference.

Custom Links to Groups of Records or Search Results in a Shared Folder or Database
Now you can create a URL that links to an author name, descriptor, or any word in your shared folder or database. Itís like accessing search results without having to create the search every time! Use this feature to link from your external web pages to a group of references in RefShare or to share a specific group of references with colleagues. See the RefWorks online help for details on how to create your Custom URL.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • EndNote 10 libraries can now be directly imported into RefWorks.
  • The Term Assistant feature (used when entering or editing references) can now be disabled from the Tools, Customize area.


Administrator Tool Enhancements

An updated Administrator Tool Tutorial is now available.