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August 2006 Release

We are pleased to announce our latest RefWorks release. Program enhancements and changes are outlined below. Contact if you have any questions or comments.

General Program Enhancements

Term Assistant for Author Names, Periodicals, Descriptors
Entering references manually and editing references just got easier with the new Term Assistant for author names, periodical titles and descriptors. While in the add or edit mode, when you start entering information in any of the supported fields (authors, editors, translators, etc.) a box will open and display names, journal titles or keywords that are already in your RefWorks database. Hit the enter button on your keyboard or double-click on the item from the box that you want entered. Makes entering new records a snap, and cleaning up inconsistent data from imports a pleasure.

Support for Open Office
RefWorks users using Open Office as their word processor can now upload .odt files directly into the RefWorks Bibliography area for formatting.

Note: This enhancement does not apply to Write-N-Cite which presently formats Word documents only. Open Office users should use the One Line/Cite View feature to copy and paste temporary citation placeholders into their documents.

Extra Security When Deleting References
When deleting either a page of references or all references from your RefWorks database, you will be prompted to enter a randomly generated security code. This extra step will help prevent accidental deletions from your database.


RefShare Enhancements

Linking to a Single Reference in a Shared Folder or Database
RefShare Users can create a link to a single reference in a shared folder or database by appending the share URL that RefWorks creates. Simply add &rn and the Reference ID number to the end of the URL (ex: &rn=XX with XX being the reference ID of the reference you are sharing). Anyone accessing the record will still have access to the entire contents of the shared folder or database, but the specific URL brings the RefShare recipient to the Full View of that record.

RefShare Comments Feature
RefShare Users can allow RefShare Recipients the ability to post and view comments to the references in a shared folder or database. The RefShare User establishes this permission in the Options page of the Share Folders area. The RefShare User can also manage the comments (edit or remove) from within their RefWorks account by clicking on the View link for a particular reference.

Ability to Change Views in a Shared Folder or Database
RefShare Recipients will be able to view records with the same views as the folder or database owner -- full view, standard view, one line/cite view (without the cite link) or up to three custom output style views as determined by folder or database owner in the Customize area of their RefWorks database.


Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Import area now has a link to the data vendor import instructions in the RefWorks help file.
  • Ability to tab from field to field (bypassing field labels, attributes, etc.)
  • Folder designations are displayed when viewing references in Full View
  • Sorting reference by Reference Type will display types alphabetically (previously, Generic ref type appeared first)


Administrator Tool Enhancements

Administrator Central Redesign
Administrator Central has a new interface allowing for better organization and navigation of the materials. In addition to the new pages, Administrators will find:
  • the ability to sign up for our moderated Listerv.
  • an Admin Central search tool for searching the file attachments posted in Admin Central.
  • RefWorks Basic Feature Training Leader Guides (located in the Training section of Admin Central). These guides provide you with outlines for conducting a basic RefWorks training class. Organized into modules, these word documents are for you to download and customize for use in training your organization.
Easier Access to Usage Information
Usage Summary Reports and Account Activity/Inactivity is now accessible directly from the administrator toolbar in the Usage area.

Default Source Type Setting
In the Subscriber Information area, there is an option to set a default Source Type (print or electronic) to be applied to all imported records for all users. Users have the option to change the default, should they wish.

Email Your Librarian Option
Also in the Subscriber Information area, a new option to display an "email your Librarian" selection that all users will see in their Help menu within their account.

Ability to Create Groups of Accounts
Administrators can now easily create quantities of user accounts from a text file or tab-delimited file in the Subscriber Information area (Add Accounts).

Seamless Master Account Access From Within Administrator Tool
The Master Account (used for creating custom output styles and Z39.50 sites) can now be accessed directly from the Administrator Tool in the Preferences area. No need to enter a separate login name and password.

Option for Full-Time SSL
RefWorks offers full-time SSL for your organizational subscription. To have this feature enabled, please email