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April 2006 Release

We are pleased to announce our latest RefWorks release. Program enhancements and changes are outlined below. Contact if you have any questions or comments.

General Program Enhancements

Google Scholar Direct Export Available!
RefWorks Users can now set an export preference to send data from Google Scholar to their RefWorks account with the click of a button.

To set this feature up in Google Scholar:

1. From the Google Scholar search page, click on the Scholars Preferences link.
2. Scroll down to the Bibliography Manager section.
3. Select Show Links to Import into and select RefWorks from the drop-down.
4. Click Save Preferences.

To initate a direct export to RefWorks:

1. Conduct your search in Google Scholar
2. Each record displayed will have an Import into RefWorks link. Clicking on the link will launch the RefWorks login page.
3. Once you log in, you are brought automatically to the Edit view of the reference. If you do not wish to edit the record, you can navigate to any other area of RefWorks.
4. Your record is stored in your Last Imported Folder.

Object Linking
RefWorks has a new feature in Beta test that allows users to attach files/objects to their references, much like attaching files to an email message. This enhancement allows you to upload files to RefWorks that are stored with your reference data. This feature will be available at an institutional level – meaning your Institution must determine whether they want to offer this feature and then make it available to their users. You will hear more about object linking when it is formally released later this year.

In addition to attaching files, you will be able to include .mht files (which are web archives).

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Modified RefWorks’ AccuCite feature with improved wording and checkmarks (replacing the asterisks) to indicate fields recommended by a selected output style for a particular reference type. Field notes and comments still appear when clicking on the checkmark or scrolling to the bottom of the Add New Reference screen.
  • When saving a reference added manually, we have added a message at the top (to the right of the Ref Id number displayed in red text) confirming that the reference has been saved.
  • Added a new button when entering a reference manually – Save and Add New. This will save the record you have open and bring you to a blank new reference form.
  • Both the Save and Save and Add New buttons used when adding a reference manually, appear at the top AND bottom of the screen for easier access.
  • RefShare users now have the option to include all RSS Feeds from their account in a shared folder or database. Previously, any RSS Feeds in your account were automatically shared.
  • Fixed a cursor and text typing bug for Mozilla 1.5 users having trouble adding information in text boxes with attribute features.
  • Improved import and display of RSS Feeds having Asian characters.
  • When editing a reference, the field sizes automatically re-size as you add data (i.e., the text box starts out small then grows as you add text).
  • Incorporated downloadable instructions (in .pdf format) on how to modify an output style and how to create an annotated output style. These documents are linked to in the Online Help section Using the Output Style Editor


Administrative Enhancements

  • Added the ability to export usage statistics in a tab delimited format for use in MS Excel or Access.