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January 2006 Release

We are pleased to announce our latest RefWorks release. Program enhancements and changes are outlined below. Contact if you have any questions or comments.


General Program Enhancements

PubMed Linking
We have created a seamless, automated linking between RefWorks and PubMed. Any record(s) imported from PubMed can be displayed in RefWorks with a PubMed Links icon and several linking options:

  • View in PubMed – links you to the reference in PubMed
  • Related Articles – links you to the related articles in PubMed
  • More by Author Name – allows you to select an author’s name and links you to other articles by that author in PubMed


The PubMed Links icon is displayed from any View (All References, a Folder, Search Results, Full View, Standard View, or any designated output style) as well as in the Edit view of a record or when clicking on the View link for a particular record

PubMed linking is an optional feature that you enable in the Tools, Customize area of your RefWorks account.

Advanced PubMed Searching from within RefWorks
In RefWorks’ Search, Online Catalog or Database Area, the Quick Search box supports PubMed’s advanced tagged searching. All other catalogs or database still have the regular Quick Search option.

RSS Feeds
RefWorks has incorporated a RSS feed reader to allow you to establish links to your favorite RSS feeds and import data from those feeds directly into RefWorks. You can access the RSS Feeds page from the Search area of RefWorks.

Electronic and Print Designations
Every reference type in RefWorks has a new field: Source type. The source type choices are Electronic or Print, allowing you to further define your reference data. Your selection of a reference as either electronic or print will impact what is ultimately printed in your bibliography, as not all fields of data are relevant for a source type.

You can also set a default source type designation in the Tools, Customize area. All imported records will automatically be assigned the source type you designate (either Electronic or Print).

Note: All existing records in your RefWorks database are designated as Print records.

Also, when using the Output Style Editor, each field you use for a reference type will have a new option in the Field Settings area that allows you to designate whether this field of information should:

  • print always
  • print only if the source type is a print record
  • print only if the source type is an electronic record

Global Editing of Electronic Resource Information Fields
When importing or globally editing references in your account, you will have the option to add Electronic Resource Information (data vendor, database name, links and date retrieved) all in one step.

When you select Show Option for Global Edit of Electronic Source Related Fields After Import in the Tools, Customize area, you will be automatically presented with the Electronic Resource Information Fields on the import completion screen, should you wish to add this information. If the data vendor includes any database information in the import, RefWorks will display that in the global edit option for you, as well as the retrieved date.

Additionally, there is a new option in the Global Edit feature that allows you to select Electronic Resource Information fields in order to edit the four fields in one step.

Added Customization Options
In the customize area of RefWorks you can now:

  • Designate a specific folder to open when you log into your RefWorks account
  • Choose a default sort order for your references

Miscellaneous Changes

  • When importing search results from the Search, Online Catalog or Database area, you will be brought to the import completion screen where you can view your last imported folder, view the import log or add electronic resource information (if desired)
  • The maximum number of records you can display per page has now been limited to 500. This will help prevent problems with displaying large volumes of records in the full view.


Administrative Enhancements

  • A new Administrator Tool tutorial has been added to Administrator Central and in the Help area of the Administrator Tool.
  • We’ve added “Short-cuts” in Admin Central so you can easily access the section you need without having to scroll down the page.
  • Added new Helpful Hint on how to link to specific pages in the RefWorks Online Help.