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Course Descriptions

RefWorks Fundamentals (1.5 to 2 hours)

RefWorks Fundamentals assists users in getting started using RefWorks. Provides users with the tools to add, organize and manage their research and generate a bibliography or reference list using RefWorks.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction: What is RefWorks?
  • Creating An Account And Logging In
  • Navigating RefWorks
  • Importing References into your Database
    • Manually Adding References
    • Searching Online Databases/Catalogs from within RefWorks
    • Importing
  • Organizing , Managing And Searching Your References
  • Three Methods For Creating Your Bibliography


RefWorks Advanced Features (1.5 hours)

RefWorks Advanced Features expands on the fundamentals and provides users with a deeper knowledge of the features and functionality RefWorks offers.

Course Overview:

  • Advanced Features And Lookups
  • Viewing, Printing And Sorting References
  • Editing Multiple References
  • My List
  • Additional Methods for Importing References
    • Capturing Data From A Web Page With RefGrab-It
    • Using RefWorks RSS Feed Reader To Import Data
  • Checking For Duplicates
  • Using The Output Style Preview Utility
  • Working Offline
  • Backing Up Your Database


RefShare (1 hour)

Demonstrates the options available to users who wish to share their data and also how to navigate a shared folder or database.

Course Overview:

  • What Is RefShare?
  • Sharing Your Folder Or Database
  • Navigating a Shared Folder Or Database


RefWorks Administrative Module (1.5 to 2 hours)

The RefWorks Administrative Module allows you to track usage and to customize your RefWorks subscription for your user community.

Course Overview:

  • Usage Summary Report
  • Account Activity/Inactivity
  • Subscriber Information
  • Set Preferences
  • Site Wide Output Styles
  • Site Wide Z39.50 Sites
  • Custom Email
  • Custom Focus Areas
  • OpenURL
  • Managing RefShare


RefWorks Train-the-Trainer (2 hours)

Works with your staff to prepare them for conducting RefWorks training sessions locally.

Course Overview:

  • Train-the-Trainer toolkit review
  • Practice Training Exercises
  • Tips and Suggestions