New Release Notes

Summer 2011 Release

January 2012 Release

New Features

Drag and Drop References

Moving references within your RefWorks database has gotten even easier!  You can now easily drag a single reference or group of references into folders or even perform specific tasks like creating a bibliography!  From any list of references (My List, a folder, search results or all references), click on the grey bar just above the reference summary then drag it to the folder or function on the Quick Access bar (located on the right of your screen).  To drag a group of references, select the references to move using the Selected, Page or All in List radio buttons and then drag that grey section to the Quick Access bar folder or function.  

Duplicate Check After Import

The Import Results page now includes Duplicate Checking Options. You’ll see them when you are importing references via direct export from a data vendor or uploading a tagged file from an online catalog. This  allows you to conduct an exact or close match duplicate search checking your newly imported references against all references in your RefWorks database.  You’ll be able to identify and delete duplicates right away, saving you time and effort later!

Share References on Social Media Sites

In the Organize & Share Folders area, you can now share a folder or your entire RefWorks database with over 300 social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  Once you’ve set up your sharing options and created the sharing URL, simply mouse over the share icon for your specific folder on the Organize & Share Folders page and you’ll see icons for Facebook, Twitter and more.

General Enhancements

Updated Quick Access Bar

The Quick Access bar has been modified to work with Drag and Drop, as well as one-click access to many functions in RefWorks.   This will save you time navigating the menu toolbar!

We’ve also made the various sections of the Quick Access bar collapsible – you can close any section by clicking on the small white minus icon in the upper right of the specific section you wish to collapse.  You can still close the entire Quick Access bar as well.

Re-Organized New Reference Page

We have streamlined the Add New Reference page -- all the same fields and functions are there, the order they are listed in is just slightly modified.  At the top of the page you’ll see the option to select an output style for our AccuCite feature, as well as the reference type and primary fields for that reference.  Below the basic information, you’ll now find the folder and attachment area.  Beneath that are the additional reference fields and AccuCite comments.

Usability Enhancements

Enhanced Organize & Share Folders Area

We’ve made some enhancements to the Organize & Share Folders area, making it easier to visually identify folders and their associated function icons, as well as access features related to folders and sharing.  The folder and sharing icons are now grey by default, however when you mouse over the action bar for a folder, the icons change to color.  We’ve also added a border around the bar for a folder, making it easier to identify which icons belong to a specific folder.  Also, folder and sharing menus now open when you move your mouse over the icon vs. having to click on the icon.

Additional Option to Create a New Folder

Whether you’re selecting references to add to a folder, or managing references already in a folder, you’ll now see a New Folder option at the top of the list when you click the Add to Folder addtofolder.jpg  icon.  Selecting New Folder will allow you to create a new folder and move any selected references into the new folder seamlessly.


Summer 2011 Release

General Enhancements

Sub-folders now available

Capitalizing on the new technology behind RefWorks, you can now create subfolders (and even subfolders to your subfolders!).  The possibilities are endless (and so are the number of folders and subfolders you can create).


We've made it easy to create subfolders from the New Folder button or from the new, combined Organize & Share Folders area (see below for more information).  Instructions for creating subfolders are available here.

Organize & Share Folders Tab

Managing and sharing folders has gotten even easier in RefWorks!  We've combined the Folders tab with the Share tab so you can create, clear, rename, delete, share, and more all from one area in RefWorks.  

Duplicate Check By Folder

One of the other features in the new combined Organize & Share Folders area is the ability to check a specific folder for duplicate references.  Simply click on the folder icon folder.jpg for the folder you want to manage and select Duplicates from the list and then choose Exact duplicates or Close duplicates.  You can also still check your entire RefWorks account for duplicates, as well from the View menu.

Choose Specific Fields to Display in Shared Folders

We’ve added a new option that allows you to specify which fields in your references are displayed when you shared a folder or your entire database.  You decide exactly which fields you want to include or exclude when sharing.

Default Sharing Settings

Now it’s even easier to share folders (and new subfolders!) without having to select the various settings and selections on the Shared Folder Options page.  In the Organize & Share Folders area, you can create default sharing settings which are then applied to each new folder you choose to share.  You can always modify folder sharing options for individual folders or modify your overall default settings