Installing Write-N-Cite Hangul Version

Write-N-Cite is available for Windows, Mac and Hangul users (click here for compatibility).


Installing Write-N-Cite for Hangul

Write-N-Cite for Hangul is available for Windows XP and newer operating systems running Hangul Word Processor version 2007 and later.

To install Write-N-Cite Hangul for the first time:

Note:  Do not install Write-N-Cite with HWP (Hangul Word Processor) running.

1. Click on the file called WNCHangul that you have saved to your computer.

2. Follow the instructions in the set-up wizard and designate a location to save Write-N-Cite Hangul (by default, RefWorks will create a new directory which you can use or change)

3. Follow the remaining instructions to finish installation.

Running Write-N-Cite for Hangul

You can start Write-N-Cite for Hangul with HWP by clicking the newly created icon.  If you attempt to start the program with the HWP icon, Write-N-Cite for Hangul will not be available.