Creating Customized PubMed RSS Feeds

NLM's PubMed database (http:// entrez/ query.fcgi) allows users to turn their PubMed search strategies into RSS feeds, which RefWorks users can then view and import with our RSS Feeds feature.  

Here's how you can set up your custom PubMed RSS Feeds:

  1. Conduct a search in PubMed (can be any search, simple or advanced).

  2. Click on the RSS link located near your search entry.

  3. In the new screen, you can limit the number of records you want to receive each time you invoke the feed (default is 15).

  4. Name your feed.

  5. Click the Create RSS button.

  6. The pop-up box will refresh and you'll see an XML icon.  Right mouse-click and select copy shortcut to copy the custom-feed URL.

  7. Log in to your RefWorks account and select Search, RSS Feeds

  8. Paste the RSS feed URL into the text box and click Add RSS Feed.

  9. Your feed will be added and you will be prompted to invoke the feed.  You can then view and import records.